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Who are we?

The first IoT solutions integrator for Retail in Spain.

Metiora’s goal is to be our clients’ game changing IoT partner, by leveraging all necessary digital, industrial and enterprise experience and skills to support IoT deployments. Metiora is recognized for designing and delivering IoT services to corporate clients and for having a strong focus on the emergence of the ‘as-a-service’ economy and the impact that digital services are having on IT and business processes. By deploying end-to-end solutions, Metiora helps their clients look for the best fit in the complex IoT ecosystem. We cover IoT Consulting, Enablement, Connectivity, Integration, Analytics and Management by forming strong collaborations with other technology vendors and service providers and creating one of the most thorough reference architectures in the world of IoT.

What problems are we actually solving?

Facilitate easy and affordable IoT adoption.

Many of the big players in the IoT ecosystem are focused solely on the creation and administration of platforms and cloud services and trying to solve business problems with theoretical solutions that may not necessarily cover client needs. Metiora, however, is focused on providing end-to-end, affordable solutions that individually adapt each of the components in the IoT value chain to meet specific client needs.


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From data…

More than 99% of all data generated from sensorized devices is wasted.

Here at Metiora, we exploit, normalize and store real-time data from sensors, intermediary devices and operations in order to build a comprehensive big picture. The volume of data generated is getting bigger and bigger and it’s predicted to grow by 50x every year between now and 2020. This data will come from sensorized equipment and devices that will be connected to the Internet over the coming years. Companies can no longer afford to discard data and must focus on analyzing and basing their business decisions on the detected data patterns. Data used to be something to just maintain and manage, but now it’s a company’s most valuable asset and its competitive edge.

…to insight.

We help clients exploit their data, so they can extract value, understand results and act accordingly.

We use data analytics and application development competencies in order to solve our clients’ business questions. We apply state of the art modeling technologies to vast amounts of IoT data in order to uncover patterns, opportunities and outcomes, such as using performance data for predictive maintenance or analyzing workflows in order to optimize operating efficiency.

Asset Monitoring

The solutions we offer allow real-time monitoring of asset conditions, depending on the installed sensors. Our systems are capable of controlling variables such as energy consumption, operating temperature, available capacity and stock control, amongst many others.

By knowing the state and the evolution of their assets, our clients are able to improve their operations.

One example of this is the optimization of delivery routes for the distribution of refrigerated products according to certain variables, such as outside temperature, the temperature inside of the vehicle, product temperature and number of deliveries.

Asset tracking

For our clients, it’s of the utmost importance that they know the location of their assets.

Our solutions geolocate each one of their assets in real-time and trigger alarms in the event of any unexpected movements or if they exit the area of interest.

One example of this is the optimization of maintenance routes according to asset location.

Predictive maintenance

By analysing this data, we’re able to detect asset behaviour patterns. By comparing this data in real-time with normal asset behaviour patterns, we’re able to detect and predict anomalies.

Our clients benefit from these predictions and can plan their maintenance cycles accordingly, based on the calculated failure rate of the asset.

For example, by predicting and avoiding asset failure, customers report a decrease in maintenance costs and an increase in the use of assets, which entails considerable savings.

Predictive demand

Thanks to the data generated by the various sensors that monitor each asset, our solutions can control stock and predict product demand.

Our clients can therefore plan their orders based on the calculated predictions.

For example, orders are automatically generated based on the demand forecast, which is calculated on the basis of the evolution of inventory. This allows clients to optimize the number of orders, therefore maximizing demand coverage.





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