Meetup: IoT, epicentre of the cognitive era

Meetup: IoT, epicentre of the cognitive era

On the 9th of April, we celebrated #IoTDay2018, the International day of the Internet of Things. As specialists in the subject, we made sure we had front row seats for the “IoT, epicentre of the cognitive era” Meetup organised by MIOTI and Collisions Projects and sponsored by aTSistemas.

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IoT in Retail

To say that the Internet has changed everything is an understatement. The Internet is evolving, growing, expanding and reaching places and devices that, not long ago, remained unconnected. Leisure, personal relationships, communication, work, consumption, education… everything has been affected to a greater or lesser extent by the digital revolution.

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Understanding IoT Data

In the fourth and penultimate post in our blog series about the A – Z of Data Science for IoT, we’re going to discuss IoT data and how it’s understood and analysed.