Terms and conditions of reservation


Metiora needs to estimate the Smart Pallet units that it must manufacture, being necessary to guarantee on the part of the client his initial commitment for the purchase of the product. The commitment in the purchase of the product materializes through the presale of a percentage of the value of the same. To this end, Metiora has prepared the present Terms and Conditions of Reservation of the product, which will allow you to establish the final price of the product based on the existing demand. Through these Terms and Conditions of Reservation the customer agrees to anticipate to Metiora 10% of the final value of the product. In the case of reaching Metiora, the contracting of sufficient reserves of the product will proceed to its manufacture, otherwise, Metiora will return the reservation to the client.

These Terms and Conditions of Reservation therefore make express reference to the condition of reservation of the product Smart Pallet (hereinafter “product”) subsequently, once the product is developed, the final Terms and Conditions of the Purchase and Sale of the Final Product will be provided. Please read these terms before making your reservation. At the time you make the reservation, we will consider that you accept these Terms and Conditions of Reservation.


1. Reservation process

With the reservation of the product, the customer guarantees to Metiora the commitment to proceed with the final purchase of the product, since otherwise he will lose the amount of the reservation made, in compensation for the damages and losses caused to Metiora in the production of the product that in the end it is not acquired by the client.

When you are going to make the reservation of the Smart Pallet, you must fill in certain information, such as your email address and your credit card information. You must ensure that this information is true and true, otherwise the payment of the reservation can not be made. Metiora is not legally responsible for the fact that this information is not real, is forged or is not updated.

If you want to modify or correct an error in your data, you can contact us at contactus@metiora.com.


2. Final product purchase

In the reservation process, 10% of the total value of the product will be paid. Within 90 days after the reservation of the product made, Metiora will contact the Customer to confirm the date of manufacture of the final product. At that time the customer must proceed to pay 90% of the value of the final product in accordance with the General Conditions of Contract of the same that will make available to the customer Metiora.

The VAT will be included in the final price of the product, but shipping costs will not be included, which must be paid separately and will vary depending on the units requested and the geographical location of the customer.

Metiora will have the right to reject or cancel the purchase of the product if you do not pay the remaining 90% of the price within 30 days after receiving the email from Metiora announcing the manufacture of the product or if you send an email to contactus@metiora.com to cancel the purchase.

The purchase cancellation of the product or the delay in payment will mean the loss of the reservation by the customer.

At the time of payment of the remaining 90% of the order, the customer will accept the new terms and conditions associated with the purchase and provision of services associated with the final product. In case of not agreeing on the conditions of the same, the client will have a period of 30 additional days to negotiate in his case with Metiora the conditions of purchase and provision of services, after which the parties must reach an agreement to the contrary, Metiora will decide if there is a just cause on the part of the client to proceed or not to the return of the reservation of the product, otherwise it will not proceed to the return of the product reservation.


3. Priority

Metiora will manufacture the Smart Pallet product units based on the reservation requests made. If you cancel or lose your reservation in accordance with the terms of this agreement, your position will be taken by the next person on the Product’s reservation list. Check our email for more information contactus@metiora.com.


4. Delivery date

At the moment of contacting Metiora with the client, for the confirmation of the manufacturing of the product, you will be informed about the production term of your product and the estimated delivery time. Metiora undertakes to make all possible efforts to deliver the Final Products on the agreed date, and there may be delays in the delivery of the product, which will be regulated in the corresponding Terms and final conditions of the product.


5. Price

The purchase price (“Price”) includes taxes (VAT) and does not include the shipping costs of the product. These shipping costs will vary depending on the products booked and the customer’s delivery address.

It is possible that there may be variations in the final price of the product, these variations will be communicated by Metiora to the customer at the time of confirming the manufacture of the product. The variations both upwards and downwards of the product will be taken into account at the moment of making the final payment of the product by the client.


6. Cancellation

In the event that Metiora does not reach the necessary manufacturing units, it will notify the customer who may cancel the reservation during the reservation process and request the refund of the same or wait for Metiora to reach the manufacturing units to proceed to the final payment of the product.

If for any other reason Metiora cancels your reservation, the customer will receive a full refund of the purchase price without interest.

The customer can not cancel the reservation of the product except in cases provided in these terms of reservation.


7. Data protection

Metiora informs the client that the data provided by it will be treated in accordance with the provisions of our privacy policy regarding the treatment of CLIENTS.


8. Disclaimer

You understand and accept that the product, its design and technical characteristics are currently in development and that the product that is available for purchase may be materially different from the prototype. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the final terms and conditions of the product or with the final version thereof, you can only proceed to cancel your reservation as provided in section 2 of these product reservation terms.


9. Other provisions

These terms constitute the entire agreement between the parties in relation to their purpose, and supersede, in all terms, representations and prior understandings of the parties. This agreement will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Government of Spain. The place for any action related to the issue or execution of this Agreement will be in the Community of Madrid.