The advantages of Smart Buttons

84% of customers feel frustrated when they don't have immediate access to their data


Nowadays, customers require a consistent multi-channel user experience and immediacy is key for customer retention.

  • 69% of consumers say they've had to wait a long time when asking a company for help.

  • 75% of customers find the call-back option appealing.

  • 79% of customers prefer to contact customer service by telephone.

Connected buttons offer clients a sense of immediacy and real-time customer service. They're easy to programme and can have up to three associated actions; single pulsation, double pulsation or long pulsation.

How do they work? The first step is to connect your Smart Button to the Sigfox network. It has a battery life of 1,500 pulsations, is associated with a fixed location (home, warehouse, etc.) and allows customers to instantly identify themselves.

What are the benefits of a Smart Button?

  • Increase customer satisfaction by quickly solving doubts and problems, meaning customers have a better brand experience.

  • Reduce response time by instantly knowing who is requesting assistance and their respective purchase data.

  • Reduce costs by decreasing response times and increasing both operator and call efficiency, leading to consequent savings.

The Smart Button has a range of applications for different markets, but is generally used to increase customer satisfaction and generate positive shopping experiences, as well as increase customer retention and brand loyalty.