Your customer at one click

Connected buttons are capable of issuing actions when a customer presses them and can be used according to your own needs.

One possibility is to establish a new channel of communication with your VIP clients based on immediacy. “Your customer at one click” improves the brand experience by calling your customer when they really need it.

Another option is to apply SMART BUTTON to encourage instant purchase, making a click generate an automatic order.


New communication channel with customers

Your VIP clients can press a button to receive a personalized call. The information that each button sends is adapted to each case of use and with those problems that you need to solve.

Automatic generation of orders

We make it easy for customers to place an order with the click of a button. Each order can be modified according to your needs.


Smart Buttons are small devices, with a diameter of a couple of centimeters, with an adhesive that can be placed on any surface. They are linked to a gateway using bluetooth technology and it sends the information by 4G mobile data connection or Wi-Fi to a server where it will be stored to be processed and analyzed.

In the case of Sigfox buttons we do not need a gateway. The buttons send the data to the Sigfox server, so we only have to collect them from this server to process and analyze them.


Improve brand experience and customer service.

Encourage the automatic purchase of your customers.


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