What if fridges were smart?

Smart coolers allow the manufacturer and distributor to have complete, real-time visibility into one of their most expensive assets

For our clients, controlling and monitoring their smart coolers is essential, but also extremely beneficial. Considering the high investment that these assets entail, it's vital that clients have access to as much data generated by these smart coolers as possible and in the most efficient manner, in order for them to be profitable.

Our easy-to-install smart cooler solution provides clients with real-time information regarding stock levels, cooler positioning and efficiency, as well as operating conditions. With this information, clients are able to reduce maintenance costs, increase sales and be more energy efficient, which all leads to an improved ROI.

Metiora's smart cooler solution also offers inventory control, comprehensive maintenance reports and product quality controlWhen promoting sales, we feel that product quality is critical. For that reason, controlling product temperature is essential, as it directly affects the fermentation and thawing processes. By monitoring and controlling cooler temperatures, clients can be confident that the product will reach the client in the best condition possible.