What about Smart Pallets?

Smart pallets allow clients to reduce operational costs and increase sales, as well as customer satisfaction


Our smart pallet solution allows clients to manage and control stock in any retail store, turning their supply chain into an endless source of insight and information and helping them improve ROIOur solution consists of various sensors that are built into the pallets and which are connected to our web platform. They monitor stock levels, geo-location, temperature, humidity, transport conditions and detect any damage. This enables the product to be delivered to the consumer in the best possible condition, therefore increasing customer satisfaction.

For our clients, monitoring shipments is essential. Metiora facilitates the live tracking of our smart pallets and provides comprehensive data regarding the many variables that could potentially effect product quality, such as the transportation conditions, delivery information and logistical routes.

Metiora's smart pallet solution is not only easy to install, but it also allows clients to monitor their assets in real-time. We also offer personalised real-time inventory reports, stock and temperature level alerts, evolution graphs, geo-location information and information regarding the warehouse in which the product is deposited.