Connected and intelligent store

Connected and intelligent store provides you with sales data to solve the out-of-stock on time. In addition, it is able to control the temperature of your assets, as well as detect how customers interact with the products.


Measure in store stock and obtain sales in real time

Detects in real time those products that are being purchased by customers, knows the out-of-stock and performs sales analysis and promotions.

Ensure the temperature for the higuest quality control

By monitoring the cold chain in real time, we are complying with current health legislation in an automated and controlled way.

Identify how the customer interacts with the product

Find out how, when and who buys. Make personalized studies to understand better how your customers interact with your products.


Analyze sales and be able to make decisions that improve final results.

Controlling the cold chain is a legal obligation, its implementation in a systematic and autonomous way reduces costs and personnel dedicated to this task.

Just one more step towards the smart and connected store.


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