"Welcome to TheCUBE Madrid, the home of IoT"

On the 5th of October 2017, we hosted a very special presentation at TheCUBE Madrid, in which Cisco introduced their brand new publication in Spanish, Internet of Things; Construye nuevos modelos de negocio” (Build new business models), to an auditorium full of IoT experts.

The presentation began with a short speech by our CEO, Fabiola Pérez, who welcomed people into the very first innovation ecosystem dedicated to IoT and gave us some interesting statistics regarding how IoT adoption is finally starting to pick up (despite our last blog post!). Over the next 5 years, approximately half of all business processes will include sensorisation and connected devices, and 82% of users believe that this can only be achieved if tech corporations collaborate in order to create IoT solutions.

Photo by MIOTI

Next up was José Manuel Petisco, general director at Cisco Spain, who stated that IoT has already arrived and is here to stay, and that it’s a fundamental pillar in the digitisation of all business processes and industries. We couldn’t agree more. He went on to introduce the author of Cisco’s brand new publication, Maciej Kranz, Vice President of Strategic Innovation at Cisco, who took the floor to not only tell us why Cisco decided to write a book about this cutting-edge technology, but what exactly corporations need to be focusing on in order to achieve success with IoT projects. For example, for B2B companies, the most important elements to concentrate on, are predictive maintenance, preventive analytics and optimisation processes, in order to achieve real IoT cases.

He also mentioned how many tech corporations are starting to collaborate with educational institutes who are offering courses based around Data Science in IOT, and in particular, courses which are dedicated to specific verticals with in the IoT industry. This was of much interest to all of us here TheCUBE Madrid, as many of you already know, MIOTI, the Madrid Internet of Things institute, a sister company of ours which is located on the first floor of TheCUBE, will be opening its doors on the 20th of October and commencing its first Data Science in IoT course. MIOTI’s Data Science course will feature the following IoT verticals to which Maciej referred; Smart Home, Smart City, Industrial IoT, Smart Health and Autonomous Cars. By educating future professionals in these specific verticals, companies will be able to hire talented individuals to further their IoT projects with huge success.

Maciej finished his part of the presentation by stating that IoT is a lot closer than what most of us think; he estimates that we’ll reach full adoption within the next 3 years. And with the number of connected devices increasing at the astonishing rate it is, we think he may just be right.

IoT experts from many tech corporations

came to share their IoT use cases

Our CEO, Fabiola Pérez, welcomed everyone to the event